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water pollution act

Incredible Facts about

Water Pollution

You will find here many facts and informations about the water pollution situation that we encounter today.

Please take some time to scroll through all the pages and
you will find all the knowledges you need to combat this critical problem.
water pollution act
Dirty water has become more and more a problem in 
our daily life. Living in this dirty environment, we 
need to 
know how to safeguard ourself.
Dirty water affects everybody's life.
We have to combat this problem to ensure a better 
for our family and our next generation.
Everybody has the right for clean drinking water.
Do not allow that contaminated water destroys your 
Fresh, clean drinking water is everybody's birth right !
We all need the knowledges to handle this problem 
it gets out of hand.
I spent a lot of time doing research on this topic, 
gathering as much as possible
informations about water pollution.
I hope you will find here what you are searching for.
Please enjoy reading the informations I present to you.
Happy reading

Facts About Water Pollution

While people drink their water from the faucet, and those 
who drink their water from water bottles, the thought of 
water pollution might not always come to mind. The idea 
of water pollution is something that doesn't come to many 
minds around the world, especially if they are not being 
directly effected by it themselves. In other nations around 
the world, they are heavily effected by water pollution, 
which is becoming more than just a major problem that 
people wave a finger at. By educating oneself about the 
facts about water pollution, they can better know what 
the real issues are.
Water pollution is anything that is either man-made, 
or pollutants that occur naturally occur through nature 
that are brought on by chemical introduction through 
erosion and land run-off. Throughout the world, water 
pollution is a problem that is constantly rising and 
causing health concerns, problems, and diseases.
 As of right now, water pollution is the primary cause 
of death diseases throughout the world. In some countries 
that do not have clean water, they are not able to bathe 
themselves, drink healthy water, no sewage system, 
no place to wash their clothes, and no clean water to 
cook food in. When people within societies with no 
clean water have these types of issues, their chances 
of falling victim to a number of diseases and sicknesses
 are extremely heightened, as well as, societies that 
experience fatalities. In countries such as China, India, 
and Africa have hundreds of millions that suffer from 
having no access to a toilet that works in a proper order. 
Countries that have are more industrialized than others 
also suffer from water pollution. Here, in the United 
States, it's reported that 45% of miles in streams, 
47% of lakes in miles, and 32% of bays are reported 
as polluted.

Here are the facts about water pollution. Any time that 
water can not be used for a human use safely, or it has 
a negative effect on the natural environment, then the 
water is considered polluted. As discussed above, water 
pollution can be caused by both natural and man-made 
products that are introduced into water systems. Certain 
systems and bodies of waters can experience such 
introduction by waste products from man-made 
products from factories air emissions, when factories 
have heating coils that sit in a body of water that 
heats up the temperature which takes out the oxygen 
from the water killing fish, storm drains that leak over, 
sewers that leak out into main bodies of water, 
contaminates that are dumped into bodies water, 
oil spills, and trash that is dumped into bodies of 
water. As these are factors that are considered to 
have everything to do with mankind, there are other 
factors that play a part in the pollution of water, and 
some of them have a role with nature itself with a 
mix of human factors. Earthquakes, volcanoes, 
storms, erosion all are natural factors that can effect 
water, causing it to be polluted. Anytime that bodies 
of water is heated, it's being polluted in the sense 
where all the oxygen is being boiled out of the water, 
resulting in fish dying because there isn't enough 
oxygen. Algae blooms will emerge in situations 
such as this, and when they bloom, overrunning 
ponds and lakes, they too can take up the majority 
of water. When the temperature of the water can 
be changed when a volcano explodes. With earthquakes, 
man-made products are capable of falling into bodies 
of water, causing it to be polluted, or breaking open 
underwater pipes spilling out water and other waste 
pipes. When rainstorm occurs, the run off from the 
accrued water from the rainfall will run off into the 
ground and into other bodies of water, carrying with 
it chemicals that are found on the surface of the Earth. 
Tornadoes can cause massive destruction, where they 
can whip debris all across bodies of water in moments. 
In the gas emissions that is 
given off by factories and our cars, they settle within 
the atmosphere, 
and when it rains, the rain itself is polluted before 
it hits the ground.
 When it falls in bodies of water, it will then begin to 
contaminate the body 
of what it fell into.

These are just the main factors in which plays a part 
in which water pollution occurs. Some other facts about 
water pollution is that the diseases in which people can 
come down with are problematic, and fatal. Salmonella 
is a common disease and sickness that we have all 
heard of. Parasitic worms exist all over the continent, 
and can get into our bodies in a manner of ways; 
drinking the water directly, urinating in the infected 
water, or walking through it, and washing our clothes 
in it. Once these warms get into our system, it can be 
medically hard to remove some of them, as they have 
a way of latching on to our systems and breaking off, 
going to other parts of our bodies. These worms, 
though they have caused death, can easily be 
stopped with use of medication and antibiotics, 
and other surgical procedure so long as the problem 
is dealt with in a timely manner, for these worms 
have the capacity to multiply and reproduce at 
extremely high rates.
When dealing with the facts about water pollution, 
it becomes important to always pass them on and 
educate another person, especially children. 
Though there are some parts of the world that are not 
directly effected by the harm of water pollution, doesn't 
mean that they are not being effected. Every part of the 
world is being effected by water pollution after knowing 
the facts about what constitutes water pollution. 
Sometimes as simple as rain can be cause further 
water pollution to the places, sadly, it's just that 
simple. It's always important to stay on top of 
the facts of water pollution, and always keep a mindful 
eye over your water as best as you can. 
Buying bottle water is always a great way in drinking safe water. 
Some people in countries within this world suffer and 
have died from diarrheal sickness on an everyday basis.

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