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Gulabo Sitabo Analysis | गुलाबो सिताबो समीक्षा

Top class artist storytelling and mediocre artistry
-Amitabh Bachchan is an acknowledged legend of the century. He has the reputation of being an institution in the cinematic industry more than an artist. A budding artist or a director all wants to get a feeling of being with Amitabh in his cinematic life.

Gulabo Sitabo Analysis | गुलाबो सिताबो समीक्षा

 At the beginning of doing, if you have to do a film that does not make good signs in your career, what will you do?
My only complaint is with Ayushmann Khurrana in this film.
If you look at the film journey of Ayushman, then you will get a message related to social concern from every film of this journey. In his mastery of putting the subjects on the screen with easy laughs, Ayushman is not only the director of the message but also of the critics I am dear
Then why did Ayushmann Khurrana need to do this film ??
What was the need to put the power of your artistry in such a poor story ??
Let us tell a little story. After listening to the story, maybe you also ask a few more questions to Ayushmann.

The story begins with a very old dilapidated brick Kothi called its owner's palace, Fatima Mahal. The title of this Kothi is owned by a very old and living woman, Fatima Begum, whose husband Amitabh plays. Bachchan has played.
A total of five families reside in some rooms of this palace as characters, one of which belongs to Ayushmann Khurrana. 30 rupees monthly rent for a person who has not paid for 3 months, you should have guessed his financial situation as well. Sometimes, bulbs can sometimes guess the kanjarpanti of the owner of the bicycle (Amitabh Bachchan).

Mirza Mian wants his 17-year-old wife, Fatima Begum, after whom this palace is named, to take paradise and the palace becomes her name and at the same time two more characters appear in the film.
The first character is of a Babu of the Archaeological Department who is trying to find an idea to make that palace the property of the Archaeological Department and the second character is of a lawyer who comes from the side of Amitabh Bachchan to fight this trick of the Archaeological Department.
The film ends with Fatima Begum selling the palace to one of her old lovers for 1 rupee as she learns of her husband's kanjarpanti, which she also writes by writing a letter.

Now you tell me, does Kalakar like Amitabh who is in that stage of his life where there is no confidence of the next film should go behind such a carbon footprint ??
Does Amitabh still need to prove to be a great artist?
Should such a big artist make a film that people should share after watching, and if they spend time while watching, they should also consider it an abuse of time?
I don't know !!

But I would not have done this if I was Amitabh.
If you are fond of films then it will disappoint you.
If you see the whole film in search of a good message on a good subject, it will disappoint you.
Gulabo Sitabo Analysis | गुलाबो सिताबो समीक्षा Gulabo Sitabo Analysis | गुलाबो सिताबो समीक्षा Reviewed by Triveni Prasad on June 13, 2020 Rating: 5

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